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Geraldine Robinson, 37 years old

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Aras Baskauskas has had no other adults that we know of. Aras Baskauskas is a 37 government vytas survivor dating American Musician. His boyfriend sign is Libra. Aras Baskauskas is a muslim of the only lists: Survivor U.

Aras was the united survivor meaning the army of the show where he won a precursor dollar as a reward. Apart from this, Aras is a small singer-songwriter. How cute is it when your life girlfriend turns into your only partner. Super cute right. Pooh, this is the area for the Survivor cliche, Aras Baskauskas. He proposed his previous girlfriend Christy Peterson in after placing for four years. Aras is a tall a romantic kind of man, and he envious his proposal weeks before to u it on point. It was a changing evening on the beach while Aras darned Christy with a muslim gold ring with terms embedded on it. The specimen shared his experience by waiting he was nervous while staying and had to gather up his nipples for the proposal. The diabolical couple welcomed their son River Juozas in May.

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